hilary + amber = ha!

The origins of ha! began one year ago when we met for the first time in amber's studio and talked the better part of a day away about space making, mark-making, working across mediums, what it feels like to belong wherever you are, hiking into the woods, the homes we grew up in and our Scandinavian roots. With so much in common we decided to begin exploring how we might mash up our talents and passions. Fast forward many months of joy-filled discussions and challenging debates, vats of coffee and conversations with some beautifully generous people who lent their expertise and we are thrilled to welcome you to ha! located in the small town of Marshall, North Carolina.

Featuring drawings and woven works from amber m. jensen studio alongside additional artworks in glass, ceramic, jewelry, painting and more, ha! is a joyful exploration into creative works of all kinds and the fantastical sense of belonging that arises in the spaces in between.

marshall = ha!

We were both looking for a place to call home. Perhaps somewhere that was a bit of an unknown - or a bit of a backwater - in a magical way. A place immersed in natural beauty and rich in history, stories and tradition. Somewhere that would inspire us to create our best work because we yearned to collaborate and celebrate not only our own creativity, but creative expression of all kinds. And we knew that our best work required a supportive community of the best ever of people - so we hoped for that too. Some might call that a tall order, but we’re sure that we’ve found it in this wee town called Marshall tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Madison County, North Carolina.