End of Collection Sale ~ 30% Off (prints excluded) ~ Automatic Discount at Checkout
End of Collection Sale ~ 30% Off (prints excluded) ~ Automatic Discount at Checkout

bravery, fine art print


Are you proud of a brave step forward or seeking encouragement? Would you like to celebrate the bravery practiced by a dear one in your life? The My Creativity Tools archival print series was created by artist Annie Riker to explore the true tools behind her artistic practice. We love that this series is also a joyful celebration of the tools we all need to live a full and daring life!

Society creates a separation between the artists & makers who are creative, and those who are not. I believe that even though everyone might not enjoy drawing or painting, everyone IS creative. We are all creating our own life realities whether we are intentionally directing it or not. You get to choose the colors and textures. You get to choose the subjects you focus on and the details you emphasize. You are the ever-evolving masterpiece. You get to hold the paintbrush in your life."

  • archival pigment print on cotton rag paper
  • each hand signed by the artist
  • 16" x 20" including white border
  • colors may appear slightly different on various computer screens
*** contact info@marshallha.com for special pricing when you purchase two or more prints!
    • Printed and shipped to order, expect a 1-2 week timeframe until your print is shipped.
    • Each print surface is covered with archival tissue, enveloped in a protective archival sleeve, sandwiched between 2 coroplast sheets to prevent puncture or moisture during transit, and inserted into a corrugated mailer.
    • Have care when opening. As with any fine art print, the surface can be damaged easily. We recommend bringing your print directly to your framer in it's original packaging.

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