crater bud vase


Michael Hamlin's ceramic vases are an ode to the textures, forms and colors of the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding his home and the plants and flowers he grows and propagates in his gardens. Clearly he loves getting his hands into the thick of things and we couldn't be happier about that!

  • each piece is watertight with a heavily textured, rough finish 
  • allow for variations in color from photo as the glaze changes across the piece
  • small footed vase 7" tall x 5" diameter
  • large footed vase 5" tall x 4.5 diameter

method & material:
Each clay vessel is handbuilt or thrown on the potter's wheel with a high iron-bearing body to which multiple layers of colored crater and matte ceramic glazes are applied. Fired in an electric kiln to 2163 Fahrenheit the works transform through a combination of slow and rapid cooling. Often times the crater glazes are fired multiple times to obtain an appealing movement of the glaze capturing a surface that feels energetic and alive. watertight.

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