embroidered memories


Lauren Garrison hand embroiders tiny landscapes to evoke a sense of nostalgia; perhaps for a favorite mountain vista or the discovery as a child of a wildflower field in full bloom. We love that when visitors to our shop encounter her little worlds nestled in among our other goods, they inevitably exclaim with joy "ooh...who made these? They are wonderful!"

Made with cotton embroidery thread, Lauren hand paints the background skies in watercolor. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and measures 4 inches in diameter.

A native of North Carolina, Lauren grew up surrounded by the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains. With origins in fine-art photography, her interest in handmade textile crafts was sparked while admiring early Chinese and Russian fiber art pieces, appreciating the craftsmanship and labor of love that goes into this ancient art form of personalizing, embellishing, and telling stories through natural fibers.


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