End of Collection Sale ~ 30% Off (prints excluded) ~ Automatic Discount at Checkout
End of Collection Sale ~ 30% Off (prints excluded) ~ Automatic Discount at Checkout

waxed canvas woven backpack

Our handwoven packs are designed by Amber M. Jensen with an eye ever towards the colors and textures experienced during her hikes across the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

“This is how you keep a traditional craft vibrant, dynamic, and relevant in a world of mass production. Each step is meditative and thoughtful; each finished piece a visual reflection of time, care and a love of place. What happens next, as the waxed canvas is marked by new travels and the pack relaxes into the form of it's new caretaker, inspires my imagination and the desire to create more.”  

Two expandable pockets on each side are adjustable and include convenient snap closures. The main compartment opening rolls up with leather straps adjustable in height to accommodate both large and small loads. The front exterior panel is completely hand-woven with felt yarn and felted wool strips. The back of the pack includes padding for comfort and is constructed of waxed canvas. The interior is lined with a pale blue, durable cotton canvas. Inside has one full-width additional pocket near the opening to keep smaller items or to carry your ipad or laptop computer securely and comfortably against your back. The shoulder straps have adjustable sliders with leather and canvas gussets at the base for strength.
11"x 5" x 17" closed / 23" open
inner pocket measures 12" tall x 11" wide with .5" inch depth.
Wool yarn, wool felt, rustic brown waxed canvas, honey brown veg tanned leather


Waxed Canvas was originally used for maritime purposes because—not only was it waterproof—it was durable and light. Oil is imbedded into the surface fibers, allowing the material to truly age gracefully. 

  • shake or brush off dirt, sand or any other abrasive material
  • for small spots, use cold water and mild soap, and a sponge or brush
  • with a little soap, gently massage the spotted surface
  • rinse with a sponge and cold water
  • let the bag air dry

 Merino Wool fibers have a natural protective layer that helps prevent stains from being absorbed.

  • let air dry if moist or wet
  • wipe off spills immediately
  • remove food stains by scraping
  • can wash by hand with a damp cloth and mild soap

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