landscape candles


These two have captured our hearts here at ha! Blake and Ben created Village Common in celebration of their family heritage...Ben's grandmother owned Village Common Antiques and home goods shop in Avenel, NJ in the 60s around the same time that Blake's grandfather opened up his country store and BBQ in Pineville, forward generations and we all get to enjoy the scent memories Ben and Blake have created so evocative of time and place, whether in honor of an old time shop or a family retreat in the Blue Ridge. But mostly...they smell so, so, so, good. xo

Appalachia ~ enjoy notes of pine needle, cedarwood and smoke. "a woodsy and smokey scent that lingers like a night around the camp fire or a hike through the Blue Ridge Mountains."

Back in Avenel ~ enjoy notes of geranium, clary sage and very light patchouli.
"a fresh floral scent grounded by herbaceous and earthy notes, reminiscent of times gone by."

Highland Dell ~ enjoy notes of clove bud, frankincense and fir needle.
"a spicy, woody scent with the warmth, familiarity and comforts that only home can bring."


  • hand poured in small batches into reusable, white concrete jars handmade in Maine and hand stamped with a poem.
  • soy wax, coconut oil, & 100% pure essential oils
  • 50 hour burn time


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